Surprise Visit to Some of the Hidden Treasures of Naples and an Amateur Photographic Contest


The visit will be an open-air English lesson.

  • You will develop good listening skills.
  • You will certainly learn new words linked to Cultural Heritage.
  • You will also need a smart phone or a camera, and a pen.

Listen to the stories behind the artwork. Take your time to observe the sites and appreciate the city’s unique Historic Urban Landscape, then when you feel ready snap a shot or two with your camera. There will be a follow-up meeting (mid January) to decide who will have taken the best pictures (select your best single picture!) and can illustrate them in English. The photographs will either be displayed on a tablet, or printed (if you submit them in time).

Bring a friend if you like.

See you at Palazzo Caracciolo (Via Carbonara, 112 Napoli ) at 11.30



Please let us know if you are coming.





Corsi di conversazione 2018

Corso di conversazione 2017 Il corso di conversazione inizierà il 29 maggio. 10 lezioni per un totale di 20 ore. Per la frequenza: martedì e giovedì dalle 18.00 alle 20.00. Per iscriversi: quota associativa 130.00 euro dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 16.30 alle 20.00 Via Toledo, 66 Napoli